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Certified Gibson, Fender, and Martin Repairs and Restoration Work

Prices do not include parts

Full Setup $55.00
Fingerboard conditioning, nut height calibration, saddle calibration, truss rod adjustment, restring.
Complete Cleaning $35.00
Install Strap Button $15.00
New Saddle - Setup Included $75.00
New Nut - Setup Included $75.00
Tuning Machine Replacement $50.00

Fret Leveling, Crowning and Polishing
Entire Fingerboard $100 & Up
Partial Leveling $60.00
Complete Re-Fret $200 & Up
Fretboards with binding Add $50
Individual Frets $15 Each
Replace/Repair Bridge $100.00
12 String Bridge Repair $125.00
Crack Repair $25 Per Inch
Under Saddle Pickup Install $100.00
- Expand endpin hole to accommodate jack
- Wire pickup to preamp and jack
- Fit and resize old saddle for proper action and contact with pickup
- May require new saddle and re-rout of saddle slot (Additional Cost)
- There are other variables relating to preamps which must be individually quoted
- Condition of bridge and neck angle may be factors in the appropriateness of an under the saddle pickup

Replace Endpin Jack $35.00
Repair Cracked/Broken Headstock $125 And Up
Repair Broken/Loose Brace $50 And Up
Neck Reset $300.00
Binding Repair/Replacement $15 Per Inch
Repair Finish Chip $50 And Up
Refinishing Services $200 And Up

Full Setup $55.00
Setup W/Floyd Rose Style Bridge $70.00
Straplock/Button Installation $15 Each
Complete Cleaning $35.00

Pickup Installation
First Pickup $40.00
Each Additional Pickup $25.00

Electronic Component Installation
First Component (Pots, Switches, Jacks) $35.00
Each Additional $10.00
Arch Top or Hollow Body Guitars Add $20
Complete Re-Wire $80.00
Route Pickup Cavity $50.00
Shield Electronic Cavity $35.00
Wax Pot Pickup $15.00
Replace/Install Pickup Cover $65.00
Nut Replacement -Setup Included $75.00
Tuning Machine Replacement $50.00
Tremolo Replacement
Strat Style - Setup Included $75.00
Floyd Rose - Setup Included $150.00
Tremolo With Piezo Pickup $125.00

Repair Cracked/Broken Headstock $125 And Up
Bolt-On Neck Replacement $100.0

Fret Leveling, Crowning & Polishing
Entire Fingerboard $100 And Up
Partial Leveling $60.00
Complete Re-Fret $200.00
Fretboards With Binding Add $50
Individual Frets $15 Each
Maple Fingerboard Add $50
Repair Finish Chip $50 And Up
Refinishing $200 And Up

Repairs $25 And Up
Wah Mods $45 And Up
TS9 To TS808 $30.00
Convert To True Bypass $45.00
Vintage Effects Only (No Boss, Digitech, Ibanez, etc)

Clean Pots & Jacks $35.00
Power Cord Replacement $40.00
2 Prong Cord To 3 Prong Cord $50.00
Pot & Jack Replacement $40.00
Speaker Replacement $35.00
Replace Filter Caps (Tube) $80.00
Replace Tubes & Set Bias $65.00

Repair and restoration of vintage instruments usually means that a local guitar shop orders parts from a supplier and makes them work to give your instrument an appearance of being restored.

We actually make all attempts to restore the old parts, bodies and necks before even thinking of applying a new part to your instrument.

Wether it's a loose output jack, scratchy controls, or your prized '58 just took a nasty fall. If you can get your guitar to us, it will be fixed right. We do work for many area guitar shops and we talk to dozens of people everyday.

If it requires cutting a new rosewood or maple slab for a fretboard and meticulously hand cutting a radius, or if it requires a replacement solid maple top on your Les Paul, or a top on your Martin acoustic, our equipment and hands-on luthier work will ensure the best resto. Plus, we actually include a certified factory certificate that shows the work was done professionally.

Relic and Antiquing of instruments is also something we're accomplished with. Ask for a mint restoration, or for your parts and refinishing to replicate the age and condition of the rest of the instrument.

Electronics and pickups from any manufacturer are at our disposal with competitive prices, or you can supply the parts you wish to use.

Les Paul Restore 1lespaul neck Les Paul resto 2

A Les Paul Standard with an entire neck replacement and overall refinish in the process. Rather than just repairing a broken headstock, this type of restoration is undetectable once complete. You are given a note of authentic certified Gibson repair being done, and may use that at the time you want to sell the instrument.

We have all of the molds, body shapes and styles for most any Acoustic guitar ever made. Our jigs will replicate replacement sides to your instrument with exact precision. We also have the original templates for many tops, brands, necks, and head stocks. We have inlay and sound hole material and specifications again to either totally restore your guitar, or to match the repair work to the wear and condition of the instrument.

Fender Necks

Fender Necks in various degrees of restoration

Fullerplast Fender Guitars are refinished using the original discontinued paints and sealers. Here you see a bound Tele body being sprayed with the Fender Finish, Fullerplast.

GibsonsGibson Les Paul guitars in various degrees of restoration. We are one of the companies that has been credited with restoration of several late 1950's Les Paul guitars.

Please contact us for prices and advice on your instruments email:

Accent Music
5810-A Kirkwood Hwy.
Wilmington, DE 19808